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Cimini: Darnold Meeting With Gase got Offense on Right Track

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4 hours ago, JetNation said:

Adam Gase

For much of the Jets season, observers were left scratching their heads and wondering why head coach Adam Gase wasn’t playing to the strengths of quarterback Sam Darnold.  Yes, Darnold missed a chunk of time after week one, but even after his return, there weren’t any rollouts, very little play action, no run-pass options.  Well, not enough to make an impact anyway.  For some reason, many of the things that had Darnold playing like a franchise quarterback late last season were no longer present.  It seems Darnold noticed, and he took things in to his own hands.

It all started changing for Darnold when, after the Jacksonville disaster, he met with Gase and started telling him how HE wanted the offense to run. #Jets https://t.co/90Xdxgz0IT

— Rich Cimini (@RichCimini) November 18, 2019


According to Rich Cimini of ESPN, Darnold met with Gase after the Jacksonville loss and told him how he would like the offense to run.  Darnold was suddenly more assertive in meetings with Gase as well, a trait that has apparently carried over to the huddle where Darnold appears to be feeling more comfortable.

In the three games since the two met, the Jets are 2-1 with Darnold throwing six touchdowns to just two interceptions while completing 66% of his passes.  Prior to that, Darnold had thrown 5 touchdowns and an eye-popping 8 interceptions.

The best of the three games came yesterday when the Redskins surrendered a season-high 4 touchdown passes to Darnold along with his 293 yards through the air despite having the league’s 14th ranked pass defense going into the day.  Darnold showed excellent touch when it was needed and put enough mustard on the ball as well when the situation called for it.

So just when fans were beginning to worry about Adam Gase having broken Sam Darnold, it appears Darnold may have stepped up and helped fix Adam Gase.


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My primary worry with Gase is that he'd prove to be yet another "genius" that was trying to jam a square peg in a round hole.  A "system" guy with no creativity or flexibility.  It was starting to look very much that way when we saw Darnod looking like a fish out of water in the offense Gase was running.  Yes, the Redskins are not very good, and yes the Jets had an upgraded offensive line, BUT the plays they were running were exactly what you would expect a wise coach to call if Darnold was your QB.  No question about it, the offensive play design and blocking schemes up front changed.  I HOPE this sticks with Gase rather than he is obsessed to relive past success with an old formula that will only payoff in failure.


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Just now, Jetster said:

Keep Sams jersey clean & Gase will look like a genius. Sam looked like he should have been in a TIDE commercial in Miami his uniform was so dirty. 

With this revamped Oline lineup, and few guys getting healthy I expect us to at least look competitive over the last 6. Ill say this, no way in hell we lose to Miami at home.

Not just the manpower up front, but the blocking scheme.  There was a lot more aggressive man-blocking up front.  The type of line blocking you would expect with a QB that likes to move the pocket, roll out, extend the play, allow for pass catchers to do some freelance and find the sweet spots, etc..  The zone crap they were doing before was for a QB like P. Manning that likes to stay in one place and execute timing passes on exact and expected routs.  That is NOT what Darnold does best.  

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6 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

Maybe...but Darnold almost single handedly beat Houston’s top ranked D end of last year...playing the SAME style, which is the ONLY style that can be played WITHOUT an NFL OL.

Until Douglas fixes it I think the Jets will play way better without Darnold being forced to take straight drop backs with wet tissue paper in front of him.  Why Gase stubbornly made Darnold do that is beyond me.

Fixing is needed but NOT to make Darnold a drop-back and pass from the pocket guy like Payton Manning.  That is not good for Darnold.  What Douglas needs to do is get athletic offensive lineman that can play in a dynamic man blocking scheme with a lot of lateral movement of the entire pocket.  Anything else would be pi$$ing up a rope unless they trade darnold and draft a statue like P. Manning or T. Brady.  

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12 minutes ago, JoeWillieWhiteShoesHOF said:

The thing is is that Darnold can do BOTH.  And that’s what is going to make him so dangerous.

There is footage of him throwing an out route against Denver last year with Darnold dropping straight back and being able to plant, step and fire.  There was no room for error because the corner was right on his receiver, thing was a cannon shot, he got it in there.Brian Baldinger called it a “big boy throw”.

It’s so rare that he ever has time to drop straight back and be able to get his feet set under him to really step into a throw, it makes fans complain about his footwork, but most of that is because he’s running for his life.

Just get quality OL in here.  Darnold will handle the rest.


agree darnold can do more than improvise and play schoolyard bal, but when you have a QB that can do both, it is an advantage to gear up to keep all options open.  It gives you flexibility to attack different defenses in different ways as needed.  It is "Dan Henning 101".  Look at what he did with Joe T. and the hogs with the Redskins and then see how he got Vinny T to play when he came to the Jets.  Same OC with different QB's running a very different offense for each respective QB. Either expand the offense or limit it to what the QB does best.  It looked like Gase still thought P. Mannig was is QB.  With Darnold you want the full package.  You really cant have that without lineman that can play in a man scheme.  Same deal with the running style of Bell.  You want athletic guards like DeCastro and Fancea that can get out and pull

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