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Cimini: Darnold Meeting With Gase got Offense on Right Track

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3 hours ago, Augustiniak said:

more rollouts, more throws to TEs.  no way wesco gets into the offense unless darnold wanted him there.  

also, notice how robbie anderson has all but disappeared in the past few weeks.  

Yes. Even 3rd TE Dan Brown caught a TD yesterday lol

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38 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

Sam: Please make a left tackle block for me please

Adam Gase: No! I am both stubborn and stupid and you shall NOT have a functional left tackle! The plane was JUSTIFIED!

Sam: Please, I beg of you.

AG: I coached Peyton MANNING!

Sam: I’ll give you a million dollars!

AG: And your Corvette!

Sam: Fine!

AG: You’ve got a deal, mister. But I am still STUPID and Mike McCarthy is so much better than me!!!!!! 

SD: I'll get the blonde with big tjts that gave me mono to blow you...

AG: You got a deal ginger beard.

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