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TE Ryan Griffen Signs Multi-Year Extension (Update: 3 year - up to $10.8 mm w/incentives)

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46 minutes ago, Raideraholic said:

Only thing that isn’t correct in your statement is young.   He’s 30 years old already.  Still a nice signing

Was coming to say that. I like the signing, Herndon has 2 years on his deal after this season. Griffin's contract likely has an out after 2 years which means we will then be able to decide whether we want to resign Herndon while having a reasonably priced TE on the roster in the event we don't.

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27 minutes ago, Tony MaC said:

He just became captain... somebody must like him. But he'll be 32, much more than what Ryan here just got a year for more than one year and I'm leery.

I predicted 1 year $5m for DT as a high estimate. He signed for just under $3M with the Patriots but that was coming off an injury so I expect a slight increase.

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Ryan Griffin

There has been no shortage of things that haven’t gone the way the Jets planned this season. One surprising bright spot this season has been tight end Ryan Griffin. He has really emerged in recent weeks and seems to be one of Sam Darnold’s favorite targets. The Jets must feel good about Ryan Griffin because they announced that they have signed him to a contract extension. Mike Garafolo is reporting this is a three-year deal with 4 million guaranteed.

It’s a three-year extension for #Jets TE Ryan Griffin that’s worth up to $10.8 million with reachable incentives, source says. Griffin gets $4m guaranteed. I talked to Adam Gase about Griffin yesterday. He couldn’t say enough good things about him. I’ll have more on @NFLGameDay.

— Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) November 24, 2019

Griffin, who signed with the Jets in the offseason, has started every game this year and has set a career high with four touchdowns. The 6’6″ tight end, who will turn 30 in January, has 225 receiving yards on the season. Last week he had 109 yards receiving and a touchdown. He was originally a 6th round pick of the Texans in the 2013 NFL draft. Here are his career numbers.

Ryan Griffin

Here is Ryan doing his sticky hands touchdown celebration.

HANDS. TOO. STICKY.@budlight | #BudLightCelly pic.twitter.com/ogNAbM86Zj

— New York Jets (@nyjets) November 17, 2019

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1 hour ago, Raideraholic said:

Only thing that isn’t correct in your statement is young.   He’s 30 years old already.  Still a nice signing


11 minutes ago, rammagen said:

young?........ dude is 29

I didn't realize he's 29... I never heard of him before & thought he was new to the league... even still 29 is not old & he could play well for another 6-7 yrs...  which is good by me.

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2 hours ago, THE BARON said:

CB could be half way there if Austin continues to work out.

S. No problems there as long as they don't trade Jamal

WR position is not a ghost town

LB position far from shabby.  Need that edge guy.

O-Line.  UG !!!!

One good off season could turn the roster into a playoff team

Safety is definitely set. Wide Receiver needs a stud at the top but the position isn't terrible.

CB I hope Austin is legit, he has to stay healthy and has a lot to prove. But even if he could be a # 2 kind of guy that would be huge. Cut Tru, keep Roberts for depth and let him be the 4th guy behind Poole. Then next year you are looking for 1 guy to be what Tru isn't.

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2 hours ago, The Crusher said:

One of the only bright spots this entire dog fart of a season. This is move good teams make. 

we;ll forgive his failure to tackle scandrick after he stole falks milk money..

he did after all block his guy for at least 4 secs....but falk just held onto it forever

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May not make a pro bowl or anything... yet I still like this signing solely off of the precedent it sets with the locker room...
"Play well, get rewarded" 
That simple. 

Exactly right. Conversely a guy like Leo with all of his status and hair is gone. Sent to an even worse team than us.
It’s the right message with the right guy.

$3mil per for 3 years??? No sweat at all.

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