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### Jets \ Raiders -- The Official Game Thread ###


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The Jets have won two in a row. The Raiders are here from the west coast for a 1pm game, that is never an easy task. Beachum is playing, Hewitt is playing. The Jets looked like a different team when they both returned to the field.

Here is the game thread, although the forecast is for rain we are hoping for some sticky fingers on Sunday. Let's go Jets!


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9 minutes ago, jetstream23 said:

This might be the first time all year that I've seen the two words "expecting" and "success" in the same sentence about the Jets.

Haha. The Raiders D looks like another Redskins/Giants D. 

Their offense is a different story though. I think our D is going to have their hands full. I’m excited to watch Bless Austin. Good or bad. We’re going to learn a little bit more about him.

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Jets have won the last 5 meetings at home going back to 1997 - 12-8-1 overall at the Jets yard. Interesting in that Geno Smith was involved in 2 of those wins.

I consider this to be an old rivalry that kind of fizzed out due to expansion and scheduling - back in the hey day I remember the excitement it brought with the anticipated match up with Namath and Lamonica... fun times.

Heck even later on with that playoff game at Oakland  where Walt Michaels went ballistic because of a prank phone call that he claimed it was an Al Davis imposter.... that was his undoing as it was his last year with the Jets.

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2 hours ago, Maxman said:

Leaving soon, time to tailgate.


1 hour ago, SAR I said:

Prepping for the weather. Waterproof ski gear is in order. 


Enjoy stay dry, and bring home the WIN. 

Any day at the stadium is a good day regardless of the weather you just need to prepare for it. 



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