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Oh Tannenbaum Oh No Tannenbaum, Interview With Mike And Mad Dog


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I think he did quite well considering the fact that he was dealing with M&MD. Those guys are impossible to stomach.

M&MD: Hey Eric, who makes personnel decisions?

MT: I do

M&MD: So will you be evaluating talent <shock>

MT: Yes, I'll be evaluating talent

M&MD: Who will have the final say

MT: I will

M&MD: Will you be evaluating on field performance

MT: Yes

M&MD: Who's going to pick the players, you or Mangini

Christ almighty, I congratulate MT for not telling these guys what a couple of retards they are. Continually asking the same question seven different ways.

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I also thought he did not do so bad. M&MD are clowns, and impossible to listen to. I thought the strong points of their show were the interviews, but this section has slipped noticeably the past 2 years or so. Torre gets off with almost powder-puff questions, but Willie and Art Howe had tough ones. And the questions to Tannenbaum yesterday were repeats, up and down the interview.

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Neither Mangini, nor Tannenbaum are used to dealing with the press or doing interviews. They will get better but I'm more interested in their football knowledge. Edwards was a master at working the room, but a friggin moron on game day. Which would you rather have?

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he just seemed to get very flustered by the questions. i dont know if i have confidence in him if we are on the clock during the draft and have 3 offers for our 4th overall pick

dont be silly,,,

we finally have football geeks on board, 15 hour a day football geeks who will serve us well,,

this ends the regime of the HC with Commisioner ambitions and no XsOs, and the GM who never had a business sense side of the job, he is ajock who scouts college games in the middle of buttscrew , idaho,,

he is back where he belongs and the other guy is not our headache anymore,,

we have pioli and belly clones,,we will be back in 2 years and STAY there for once when we get there,,,

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