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Jet Nut

NFL tells Cowboys two tripping penalties were bad calls

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8 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

This bush league is so f****** corrupt.

They can apologize all the want, but it doesn't mean sh*t until it stops happening... which it won't.

This is one reason why I watch fewer and fewer NFL games each year, They're killing the golden goose.

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11 hours ago, Nixhead said:

Pats fans will never admit anything to that nature! They will deny till the day they die. I was watching the game and I guess the second one late in the game really cost the Cowboys big time. It wasn't even close to tripping. I didn't even see a leg extended. These refs should be looked at. Check their bank accounts - nah Patriots are too smart for that. They pay cash.

You mean while  Cowboys fans are crying that they refs always screw them?  LOL, theres kind of a nice what goes around, comes around vibe-karma thing going on here with those two worlds switching back and forth

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I already stopped watching the NFL besides Jets games completely this year so I wouldn’t even know but it’s truly the definition of corrupt conglomerate owning human sheep. It’s personally bad enough I still watch Jets games imo but they got me there for now. I do watch the highlights sometimes though which is bad enough

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23 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

No shlt they were blatantly wrong and contributed big time to the Pats winning the game.


Officials called only seven tripping penalties across the NFL entering Sunday, according to ESPN Statistics and Information. The Cowboys were called for two Sunday.

Only twice previously over the past 10 years had officials penalized a team for tripping twice in the same game, according to ESPN Statistics and Information.

It almost seemed as if someone had alerted officials to watch the Cowboys for tripping.

Troy Aikman disagreed with both calls during the Fox broadcast, and ESPN rules official John Parry tweeted, “Twice in this game the leg came up as part of an off-balanced block. Some tangled legs but no intentional, overt act (leg action) to trip defender.”

The NFL apparently agreed.

The two plays were among those the Cowboys sent to the league for clarification Monday, and the NFL said officials should not have called either, Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports.

Coach Jason Garrett would not comment in his press conference Monday.

The calls by referee Scott Novak’s crew proved huge.

The first came in the first quarter when Tyron Smith was penalized for tripping. The 10-yard penalty put the Cowboys in a second-and-23 hole, and three plays later the Patriots blocked a Chris Jones punt. That led to the game’s only touchdown.

The second came just after the two-minute warning in the fourth quarter. On third-and-one, Dak Prescott‘s 3-yard completion to the Dallas 38 was wiped out by a tripping call on center Travis Frederick.

Two incompletions later, the Cowboys turned the ball over on downs, and the Patriots held on for a 13-9 win.


When it comes to the Pats, the NFL always appears to make BS calls in their favors. Give the refs an assist on yet another one. 

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14 hours ago, jgb said:

If this is true, there must be a warehouse somewhere filled with videos sent to the league about the Pats getting away with illegal picks. 

No warehouse those tapes immediately get destroyed .

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14 hours ago, Untouchable said:

Blah blah blah

The Pats absolutely have an exorbitant amount of calls go their way, but I’m beyond tired of this drivel.

Bill Belichick is the greatest HC in NFL history. Fact.

Tom Brady, if not the greatest QB in history, is only 2nd to Joe Montana. Fact.

I hate their f*cking guts. But chalking everything up to cheating and/or lucky breaks is just goofy.

They’ve consistently been the most prepared, most fundamentally sound team I’ve ever seen. Not just in the NFL, but in organized team sports period.

Yes, it sucks that the Jets have been dealt the hand of them existing in the same division as them...but it is what it is.

As much as everyone is sucking off teams like the Ravens and the 49ers at this point...would it really surprise you in the least if Belichick and the supposedly “over the hill” Tom Brady once again walk off the field with their hands held high come February?


Wish it out of existence all you want. I’d still put my money on them at the end of the day.

I agree they gameplan better than perhaps any team in the NFL. Hence they shouldn't need the help of the NFL but they get plenty of it.

If you want to make yourself sick watch tape of their Oline play for an entire game. While holding is such a random call and could be called on any snap of any NFL game , they hold on almost every snap and rarely get called especially in key situations., Then look at the flying V formation they employ , they never have enough men on the LOS. Then focus on the 5 yards past the LOS this is where the magic on O happens , the multitudes of picks that they employ of course very infrequently called. And finally we get to polygrip Stephon Gilmore who could very well get called for holding or PI on every defensive snap.  Yes this sounds like sour grapes from Jets fans but they get the benefit of way too many calls for it not to be a farce .  The NFL is in bed with Robert Kraft and his paid day spa workers.

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