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5 hours ago, Rob123 said:

I didn't realize you were in charge around here.  Trust  me the  Post  is  not meant for stupid people, so I am glad you claim to ignore me.   Although, you reading and commenting on what I said is the opposite of ignoring someone.  This is what makes it so clear you are  an idiot.

You are so stupid that at this point in your pathetic life you do not know the definition of the word ignore.  I am not ignoring  you because I think you are so stupid, that  it should be pointed out to everyone.

Now let me ask do you have your own computer at group home or do you share  one?

Boy, i bet Maxman is really glad so many are taking the stop fighting thread he pinned so seriously 

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4 hours ago, phill1c said:

so, wait, he's good enough to get a first rounder but we're considering trading him because he hasn't met expectations?

What do you mean "we're" 

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