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### Jets \ Bengals -- The Official Game Thread ###

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The Jets are on a winning streak. I have started the game thread each game during that winning streak? No need to thank me.  Jets \ Bengals. The win streak continues for the Jets. Darnold, B

We’re going to lose to an 0-11 team and people are seriously blaming the officials. This fanbase gets exactly what it deserves.

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Just now, JiF said:

Getting blown out by winless teams is what we do!!!

We'll still win this game but it clearly shows they lack a killer instinct and/or are feeling themselves a little too much. 

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1 minute ago, NYJ1 said:

Mind you... ALL of this sh*t show is starting with the OL. Never mind the defense playing like they're in quick sand. It ALL starts with this crap OL

Agreed. OL played great last week but now has returned to sucking

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2 minutes ago, IndianaJet said:

If you didn’t see this coming a mile away then you truly don’t understand what the same old Jets are all about. 

and then you get mauled by the koolaid crowd saying you're a bad Jetfan...    40 yrs in

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Is anybody really surprised by this?

Not really. Of course I chose to allow myself to buy in so I could have a fun week, but this is exactly what all of us were taking about.

It’s funny when jets players start saying the same old jets thing isn’t real. It doesn’t matter what players it coaches are here. The same old jets thing is very real and they should either come out and play inspired football or shut the hell up. They have no idea what it’s like living with this crap.

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