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### Jets \ Bengals -- The Official Game Thread ###

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The Jets are on a winning streak. I have started the game thread each game during that winning streak? No need to thank me.  Jets \ Bengals. The win streak continues for the Jets. Darnold, B

We’re going to lose to an 0-11 team and people are seriously blaming the officials. This fanbase gets exactly what it deserves.

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4 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

I'd be a good bit more worried if Marvin Lewis were still the HC.  The Lewis/Dalton combo has owned us over the years.  

They're still dangerous to us without Lewis and with Dalton coming back this week.  But their O-Line and defense is just so bad.  We can't lose to them the way we've been playing.....right?  This will be a test of just how Jetsy this team is....

Would be an incredibly Jetsy loss.

When I heard Dalton was starting, I was concerned.

But I am really starting to feel that Darnold has a legit chance to be the anti-SOJ serum we have needed since 1969. 

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Best thread ever. And that includes that damned Wes Welker thread that I just noticed is back. Hahaha.

If Gase has a brain, and we will find out tomorrow, Bell AND Powell should have over 20 carries each. The Bengals run defenders are a complete sieve and this is a game to keep Sam healthy with a few well timed play action strikes. Sam should have 150 yds passing and the RB’s should get the work load.

Jets 34
Bungles- 9

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2 hours ago, Uncle Tony said:

I see what you did here, Sullivan. You won’t pull the wool over uncle Tony’s eyes. 

oh btw...nice RV.. not a Kingsley... but 😜

Mods ban this fake account lol.

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8 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

I’m going 31-14 Jets.

Darnold continues to show encouraging signs with another good performance. How does 21-29, 280 yards and 3TD passes sound?

Sounds good to me.

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48 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:

I always wonder who was the first person who broke an egg.

Whatever made him think he’d want to eat it?

monkey see, monkey do....   lotsa species eat eggs of all sorts

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