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### Jets \ Bengals -- The Official Game Thread ###

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Just now, pdxgreen said:

You find out what officials are more prone to call on certain plays and on certain players.  And you just do the same at inopportune times.  Ones that directly affect the outcome of the game.  Donaghy's buddy Scott Foster has done THIS FOR YEARS in the NBA.  Always calling extra fouls on centers because you get rid of a post player and that directly affects rim protection and defense.  This isn't rocket science, folks.  There are ways to do this in the NFL.

American Football is 10x easier to fix. Most holding and PI calls are a f*cking coin toss.

There is no chance Donaghy acted alone in the NBA. Not a chance. This sh*t is so easily done it’s ridiculous.

Not saying that’s what happening by the way. We are also just terrible.

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The Jets are on a winning streak. I have started the game thread each game during that winning streak? No need to thank me.  Jets \ Bengals. The win streak continues for the Jets. Darnold, B

We’re going to lose to an 0-11 team and people are seriously blaming the officials. This fanbase gets exactly what it deserves.

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1 minute ago, ausman said:

Funny.  Apologizing for profanity.  Ever taken a kid to a game?  I’ve seen fans tossing a blow up **** doll instead of beach balls at Jet games.  Might want to keep the kids off the school bus too.

In the tower of the old stadium, saw a lot more than that. 

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2 minutes ago, Bugg said:

8 accepted penalties including a safety vs. Jets, only 2 vs. Bengals, one of them an intentional delay before half. Does that sound plausible? 

Yeah, one team is playing disciplined ball and the other is the Jets.

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