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### Jets \ Bengals -- The Official Game Thread ###

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The Jets are on a winning streak. I have started the game thread each game during that winning streak? No need to thank me.  Jets \ Bengals. The win streak continues for the Jets. Darnold, B

We’re going to lose to an 0-11 team and people are seriously blaming the officials. This fanbase gets exactly what it deserves.

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6 minutes ago, RutgersJetFan said:

He could have just as easily have beaten them but lost to Oakland and Dallas. In the end some luck comes into play, but it always evens out. A full NFL season is like Vegas, the house always wins.

1st team in history to lose to two teams 0-7 or worse should be grounds for firing. 

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2 minutes ago, Irish Jet said:

LOL at blaming any QB behind that abomination of a line. No chance.

He just held the ball when he shoulda took off...

He's made zero plays with his elite mobility

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Just now, Irish Jet said:

Can’t get i rhythm as a QB with this sh*t. The situation is impossible.

Agreed. No QB can get in any type of rhythm with this garbage. Last week the OL actually looked somewhat decent and Sam was able to pick them apart.  He can’t do that when he is constantly running for his life or the OL commits two penalties literally every drive

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1 hour ago, pdxgreen said:

Can see why Dalton can kill Williams, may not make the best decisions but he makes quick throws.. So you know, that kind of negates William's strategy.

Williams has one trick in his book. Anyone who can beat it will have their way with his defense. 

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Just now, Wonderboy said:

How the F is that not PI? The cb did not turn around. They call it on Hewitt earlier but now they just ignore it. Total BS.

I just said the same thing!!!

i will not watch NFL football if the refs are like this next year. 

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18 minutes ago, T0mShane said:

To preempt the “fireeeee Gaaaaase” theme of the week, be aware that the following jobs are almost guaranteed to be open: Cowboys; Giants; Jacksonville; Detroit; Falcons; Redskins. All but the Redskins and maybe Jacksonville are currently better jobs than the Jets. The pickings were slim this offseason and they’ll be even slimmer this coming offseason. 

Who cares? Honestly, he’s not the guy. This organization needs to get it together. The pickings are only slim if you can’t identify good coaches. 

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