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### Jets \ Bengals -- The Official Game Thread ###

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The Jets are on a winning streak. I have started the game thread each game during that winning streak? No need to thank me.  Jets \ Bengals. The win streak continues for the Jets. Darnold, B

We’re going to lose to an 0-11 team and people are seriously blaming the officials. This fanbase gets exactly what it deserves.

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Jets fans will always overlook their teams flaws, just like you do with family. All of us talk each & every week about how badly we need a new Oline, how weak our CBs are, we have no explosion at RB, our #1 WR is a stringbean weak azz inconsistent dummy. Did Crowder get hurt? We have zero depth.

We want to win so badly, you overlook the faults after a victory but this is a league that exposes weaknesses weekly. You take a guy like Dalton, huge chip on his shoulder after being benched, a realist says, this is a bad spot for this Swiss cheesy group. We just want to believe this team has turned some kind of corner, but better players is the only cure. We do seem to break a lot of unwanted NFL records that are SO EMBARRASSING. 


That truly goes on the Macaggnan resume. The gift that kept on giving after his firing. 

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4 minutes ago, Matt39 said:

Agree here. Something felt off. And Bugg was right- a game that no one is watching involving an 0-11 team...the league isnt rooting for 0-16.

The head ref is at midfield signaling to the Bengals HC that he should decline a holding penalty on the Jets.

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I have to think these officials have a different idea about what holding is than those officiating previous games.  Beacham has actually played pretty decently the last couple of weeks.  He can’t be holding on every friggin’ play.

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