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I think everyone would prefer to build the team through the draft but with needs at 3 OL, CB, WR and OLB it's no plausible to fill those holes only through one draft.  If Douglas can fill 1 OL, CB and WR at receiver, that would go a long way.  I'm not a big fan of making huge splashes (e.g., Sherff) as I think mid-tier, complementary guys would suffice.

Good point. It can’t all be done this year through the draft but I think I’d like to at least see the beginnings of that mindset take root sooner than later. Almost Every year we seem to be associated with many of the big naked FA’s and I’d like to see that lessen.
If we were to sign a big ticket guy like Cooper I’d hope that we wouldn’t be going for another FA of that caliber at the same time.

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That is going to take time but for now, a few FA’s that cost a bit more and fit the system are good. This roster doesn’t have enough talent to compensate for an offseason with barely any FA moves. We don’t have to sign every big name in the world but we do still need help before we can start walking again.

Right. You guys are raising good points. I suppose my pendulum is swinging to the other extreme in my mind.
The thing I’m really thinking is that I would like to see the gradual movement toward the other philosophy. At least not going for all of the big names. Amari Cooper would be a good one but at the expense of a Sherff I’d say.
Anyhoo I would love it if we could end up more like the Pats and less like the Jets and Browns in this regard.

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JD has hit on 8 of 10 shown below which is not bad so far:
1) LG Lewis (Starter now and if upgraded will be a good backup) - good
2) TE Griffin (Starter now and if upgraded will be a good backup) - good
3) WR Thomas (3rd WR and has helped a lot in the resurgence of the offense) - good
4) WR/PR Burrios (Starter at PR and 4th WR) - good
5) WR Smith (Starter at KR and 5th WR with decent potential at both with size and speed) - good
6) DL Phillips (In DL rotation and has shown very good stuff) - good
7) CB Maulet (Starter at CB with some good potential) - good
8) CB Hairston (Bad starter but still provides depth at a position still of need for backups) - average/bad
9) C Kalil (Bad starter and caused a negative impact that would not have occurred with Harrison) - bad
10) K Fickins (Serviceable but can be better and the 1st game kicker cost us that game when he missed 4 pts) - average
So, seems that for just a gap where the offseason was over he has done good overall to help fill some areas that will leave less holes for next offseason at WR, TE, some Oline at G, CB and at DL. We may have fallen on a little fortune with CB that a month ago looked like we needed a full overhaul and now looks like another potential starter from even the draft and some more good depth will do the trick.

Not bad. Good post.
Let’s not forget that the kicker situation was very poorly managed by JD. So much so that everyone and their mother was confused as to what he was doing. Ficken is ok and is a nice place to land after a terrible offseason/ preseason/ first game in that dept.

That said, I agree with you on JD looking better than not. Griffin, Lewis and Thomas being the cream of his crop. I have faith. I do. He is the first GM we’ve had who was actually supposed to be a GM since Steinberg. His pedigree is stout and I think we’re in pretty good hands.

Now the HC???? I’m not so sure.

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