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This team confuses me

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5 minutes ago, Maxman said:

Hey this is the Jets, anything is possible. The problem is people want to fire Gase. But it looks like Gase is definitely coming back. So I think QB should be off the table for this offseason. Otherwise you are letting Gase impact two young QBs. Gase gets Darnold and if that doesn't work, Gase gets fired in 2021.

Days like yesterday put me firmly in the trade Jamal camp. Get a 1st rounder back for him and you can have 3 impact olineman here next year, while still addressing other needs.

You better get way more back for him than a 1st, Max. That entire team was lost yesterday because he was out there on guts, and that's all. If anything, yesterday increased his value by a bunch.

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