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This team confuses me

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1 minute ago, kevinc855 said:

Not a fair comparison. The bengals didn’t win a game all year and it wasn’t even close 

They did today.  We scored 6 points, in one of the most "special" performances I've seen vs. an 0-11 team in my lifetime.

We'll see what happens next year (what else is there to say now, really?)

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29 minutes ago, Jimmy 2 Times said:

Special like "Patrick Ramsey Special" or just regular special?

Funny you bring Mr. Ramsey up. 

Please tell me, which of these QB's below is Patrick Ramsey and which is Sam Darnold (without looking them up):

QB #1

23 Starts to begin career, 9 wins, 14 losses, 465 for 836 (55.6%) for 5,370 Yards (6.4 YPA), 33 TD's, 28 INT's, Sacked 71 times.

QB #2

22 Starts to begin career, 8 wins, 14 losses, 435 for 725 (60.0%) for 5,019 Yards (6.9 YPA), 30 TD's, 25 INT's, Sacked 57 times.

Hmmmm....:-k  Oddly similar production numbers.

You might want to be more careful making Patrick Ramsey jokes, all things considered so far......after all, even he never lost to 0-7 and 0-11 teams in his career.


Also, a reminder, I wanted Mr. Ramsey to come in cheaply and compete, nothing more, vs. a injured and declining (at that point) Chad Pennington.

I never called him special, I never called him a franchise QB.  I did think he still had potential (sound familiar?).  Honestly, after being beaten up behind one of the worst O-line I've ever seen (sound familiar) here in DC, I just wanted him to have a chance off the Redskins.

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Profanity filter would be awesome.  I try, but sometimes I slip. :)

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