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This team confuses me

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1 hour ago, Maxman said:

Yeah Darnold sucks. He is the best thing that has happened to this franchise in 50 years and is literally the only way out.  But let's keep blaming him. Dude had receivers drop 4 big passes today and D Thomas stopped running on a long bomb. Two touchdowns he dialed up. He showed progress today by not panicking with the big INT under pressure.

I’m not saying he’s definitely not the guy, I’m not saying he’ll never get better, and I’m certainly not saying he’s the only problem, but after 22 starts, “he didn’t throw a backbreaking interception” doesn’t cut it anymore. He’s 27th in DVOA, 28th in DYAR, 25th in AY/A, 24th in passer rating, and 23rd in QBR. 

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