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This team confuses me

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Put me in the Darnold looked "fine" camp.  He threw some nice balls and didn't look like he sh*t the bed.  I think the sh*t going on around him was the problem yesterday.  I have not felt like that in some/most of the other losses. 

13 hours ago, ryu79 said:

What annoyed me was how vanilla the run game was. Ok, they are bad on the run - they stuff the draw and a few power runs off guard ... And we keep doing the same thing again and again...

Apparently they struggle setting the edge...we never even tried. And I hear that Bell's pace may not be 💯 right now, but Powell has been playing fast and we def have a jet sweep or two in the playbook - but we didn't even try?


I am not surprised that the Bengals handled us.  Atkins, Dunlap and Hubbard can all play and our OLine sucks.  The middle was getting blown up.  The play I was calling for is the pitch they do to get outside.  

In my lame "my thoughts" thread last week, I was trying to point out that even in a rout, a couple of plays and penalty calls can make the difference.  Yesterday, we had a few of those - inopportune drops, penalties that negated huge plays, not scooping that muffed fumble.  

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:


Yes but your response was to dbatesman's post.  Nowhere in that post did he suggest Sam was fellating a man.  He was pointing out all the things wrong with the team, but you singled out him saying the QB sucks.  

I don't think Sam sucks either, but I certainly am not sold on him being the franchise QB.  The idea that he might be the "best thing to happen" to this franchise "in 50 years", if true, would be more of a reflection of how bad a franchise the Jets is as opposed to how good Sam is.   

I find this new world confusing. Can you fellate a woman? 

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