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Game Observations (CIN)

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I'm no Gase defender but fans forget that everything in football is connected.
Maybe he would've run the ball more if the players didn't drop balls and commit
momentum crushing penalties.  With drives being extended more plays/variety
can be incorporated into the offense.  For instance the Compton penalty on
Bell's 20+ yard run wiped out a first down and made it 3rd and 24, preventing
who knows how many more plays on that drive

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I would be fine with JD devoting everything to the OL exclusively. The Jets are missing too much to fix in one offseason. They have too many missing pieces. So like I said, I'd be fine with devoting all of JD's efforts toward just the OL would be fine.

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win streak aside, this is a bad football team with literally little to no talent across the board at most positions.  

Any good players we do have are injured right now or unable to make a difference due to other areas on the team being so woefully deficient.  

This is a 4-5 win team this year, and even with upgrades an 8 win team max next year. It'll be 2 years before we can realistically be put into a playoff consideration and have the subsequent talent to pull it off. 


Fans really need to adjust their expectations for the rest of this season as well as next.  Look at the roster, you can probably count on two hands the amount of players you would keep right now (Starters).  Thats just too many holes to fill in one offseason.  Team will be improved next year if JD does his job, but at the end of the day theres no way he can turn this team into a realistic playoff contender over night. 

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