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14 in Green

I’m just feeling numb to this

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1 hour ago, phill1c said:

try this: if they're winning, watch.

If they aren't, don't. go out and do something positive. You can record it and watch if they have a comeback.

People make things into insurmountable obstacles when all it takes is a plan an action.

The Jets didn't win. In the grand scheme of anything, it really doesn't matter. They're better off not winning. And it was predictable: a desperate team, at home, with a great QB when there's little pressure (either by the defense or if the game matters a lot).

What were the Jets playing for? the playoffs?! hardly.

A dreary, predictable loss. So what?

As soon as I saw Dalton was coming back I already knew what would happen today. It is what it is....we know what this team is already. Think people got a little too excited during our little winning streak.

Joe Douglas and Sam Darnold are our only hopes for the foreseeable future...If Joe Douglas(and to a lesser extent Sam) turns into a flop it’s gonna be dark and gloomy around here for a long while 

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