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Name one Jets offensive lineman that you definitely want back next year as a starter. You can't.

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4 hours ago, Maxman said:

Not as a starter though. There are none.

Harrison might have received some consideration. Then today happened.

But why can’t Darnold win EVERY game?

There is not a single NFL starting OL on the Jets.............Starting.

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4 hours ago, CrazyCarl40 said:

I’m old enough to remember that people were defending this clown until the day he got fired and said it was fine he got to spend money and draft this offseason. 

What’s that old saying about a wet dream?

Well Maccagnan could even f*ck up a Le’veon Bell signing hahaha ($50Mill for 2 point something a carry, yes I know lots of it has to do with having NO professionals on the OLine Maccagnan neglected for 5 YEARS). AND a CJ Moseley signing, guy who had never been hurt...bet he tears something first day of training camp next year.

There goes about $100Mill circling the drain...thanks Maccagnan.

Yeah but let him handle Free Agency AND the Draft.

PS I also have no hope for Q Williams.  The ONLY bust sandwiched in between multiple D Pro Bowlers selected around him in last year’s draft.  Everything Maccagnan ever touched turns to sh*t.

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36 minutes ago, #27TheDominator said:

There is truth to some of this, but man do you overstate it.  OL never playing together?  That couldn't have been foreseen?  That Osemele was hurt and didn't fit the system?  This should not have come as a shock.  That Kalil was done?  He was retired, right?  Has Winters or Lewis ever gone through a season healthy? 

Best WR out for the year? He has been in the league since 2014.  This is the 3rd time that he hasn't played more than a single game.  He missed all of 2017, then 5 games in 2018 including the last 3.  His 2nd best year he had under 40/500 and he never had over 56% catch rate. 

We knew that our Big Weapon at TE was suspended to start the season for an awful long time.  He was arrested on June 2, 2018.  He also missed his senior year hurt.  It is not a surprise when injury prone players are injured.  Are we going to whine if Bless Austin doesn't play 16?  Who could have expected such a thing?

Losing all our corners?  What corners?  Trumaine Johnson was benched.  For sucking.  Long before he got hurt.  Who else missed time?  I guess Roberts missed a bit and Maulet went down yesterday, but why would they be counting on him in the first place? 

One thing I know is that you can go on and on.  So can I, but c'mon.  

I heard a great quote from Gil Brandt recently.  It’s the way the Cowboys kept their drafting philosophy on a fall back plan to check off whether they might be getting things correct...it’s pretty simple in its brilliance, I think it was close to this....

”Dumb players stay dumb, bad players stay bad, and injured players stay injured”....

Makes sense, right?  When you’re now tasked to play at the HIGHEST level in the world, things don’t get easier.  In fact they get much more difficult.

Idzik could have learned a lot from this short quote before drafting Dee Milliner, he of the 5 surgeries in college, then taken within the Top 10.

I won’t mention Maccagnan because he was never a GM anyway.  An “about to be fired Scout” upped to GM by Woodrow Johnson hahaha.

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9 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

 I love your passion my friend.

You  hate Macc for his drafts and signings. Kill him all the time. That’s fine, I get that.

Yet you’re convinced he hit it out of the park with Darnold. He’s the outlier. Why?

PS please don’t mention Romo and Watt...😉

Because I see more raw talent in Darnold than ANY QB who has played for the Jets since Namath.  Tell me who you think had more potential.

Could Darnold not live up to my expectations?  Sure.  The more he plays for this joke of a franchise that has had him running for his life on almost every play (That’s not me just talking that’s quantified, him being the most hurried QB in the NFL) for his first 2 years in the league, the more likely he never becomes what I think is possible for him.  The Jets are just a terrible organization and always will be.  Douglas is the last Hope, and he hasn’t been able to prove anything yet really..hopefully he can turn things around.

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