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Name one Jets offensive lineman that you definitely want back next year as a starter. You can't.

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Here's a question for anyone bashing the line 

and please answer honestly 

can you name 1 starter from Cincinnati line before yesterday's game 

and follow up would you, after seeing yesterday's game, trade any of their starters for the Jets? 

Like, does anyone have a real yang for Bobby Hart? Cordy? cause these guys will probably on the free market next season. they have a garbage line

Trey Hopkins at center? Really? if these guys are better than Harrison and Shell it's only by a hair  


just rewatched the condensed here and what I'm trying to say is 1) Dalton played better than Darnold and 2) Adam Gase is a fraud 

these are far worse issues than the offensive line 

which granted, needs 5 new starters blah blah blah

guess what Cincinnati needs 5 new starters too 

no excuse for garbage play calls, no hot routes etc 

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1 hour ago, FidelioJet said:

what's just as sad is not a single one of them will be starting anywhere else either. 

That's how bad our O-line is - not a single player from our entire 5 man starting rotation would be starting on any other team.

this is flat out Bullcrap 

Kelvin Beachum is an above average left tackle, he'd start on like a dozen NFL teams today. He is playing through 2 bum ankles at the moment

Alex Lewis is a good player, far better than what Winters or Kalil showed this year.

that's 2 starters. Harrison is replaceable backup as is Compton. they don't count. 

Brandon Shell we can argue is a borderline starter... He's no Lane Johnson but he's 27 years old with 36 games started. he's Art Shell's nephew at least as good as Bobby Hart i.e. he can start in the league possibly at guard.. they'd rather have Chuma Edoga starting at RT

Edoga had 1st round measurables and looked good at RT before they swapped him to LT and he got hurt. Give him a year in an NFL strength and conditioning program. He's only 22 by the way same as Darnold. 

and let's not forget Kelechi Osemele would be starting if he wasn't hurt. He will undoubtedly start somewhere next year in fact I'd bet charity money against anyone willing to take the other side of that 

Yes they need more particularly at Center but in 2020 the line could be Beachum - Lewis - X - Shell - Edoga.  Or if Beachum is too old they could be Edoga - Lewis - X - X - Shell. They don't need to draft 5 new linemen like some posters think. They have some options at tackle. They really need to replace the gaping hole at center and right guard. 

Keep in mind by the way drafting linemen is not an instant solution. They take time to grow into the job especially at tackle  

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34 minutes ago, peebag said:

If they go into next season with just those two options, Joe Douglas has not done his job.

I agree but this idea they need to use rd1, 2, 3  etc on OL because it's a total rebuild isn't exactly true

they need players they don't all have to be first round picks 

and they can be found in free agency, especially at center and guard  

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12 hours ago, Beerfish said:

Are you mike mccagnan in disguise!??/ Holy shi* man, this oline stinks.  Beachum, above average?  He was awful last game.  The others stink.

Edoga can be a developmental guy , we might have a back up in lewis.  The rest are garbage, not sure what you are watching this year.

Beachum, when healthy, has been above average. As I said he was playing hurt last week. He is getting to the end of his career but put him on a team like New Orleans he'd be starting and no one would say he was bad. Darnold held the ball forever last week. 

Alex Lewis was a starter in Baltimore and he's a starter here 

Edoga has all the skills to be a starting tackle but he's 21 

Shell is not garbage he's a replacement level starter maybe a swing tackle. 

Compton and Harrison are garbage (but Darnold managed to play awesome with Harrison last season)

they have 2 holes mostly interior they don't need to draft 5 linemen or go lineman 1-2 like people say. Edge rush is a worse need, CB is pretty bad too. 

Coaching is probably the worst need on the team right now 

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Alex Lewis i want back next year as a starter 

change my mind 

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Scherff is a natural right guard. Also, you're dreaming with wirfs at 11.

Lewis is a leader, Mark my words he's the starting LG opening day 2020.

We aren’t getting 5 new starters on the OL relax
most likely Jets resign Beachum.  Start Harrison again at Center - if they did that from the start and signed Ficken it’s a different season
I think they trade Adams for a pick, draft Thomas or Wirfs to start at RT and sign Brandon Scherff or Andrus Peat
LT: Beachum
LG: Scherff or Peat
C Harrison
RG: Compton
RT: Thomas or Wirfs

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