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Name one Jets offensive lineman that you definitely want back next year as a starter. You can't.

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30 minutes ago, nyjunc said:

No I mean QB playing with mono week 1 then missing 3 weeks.

Backup QB not lasting a half and having to lay 3 games with a practice squad QB.

OL never playing together in preseason then dropping like flies once season begins

Big weapon at TE suspended to start the season then plays 1 game and is out for the year

Top WR out for the year

Best defensive player  and big FA signing didn't last through game 1 after losing another starting LB in preseason.

Losing all our corners


I can go on and on.  If you don't think we've had issues we couldn't control I can't help you.

There is truth to some of this, but man do you overstate it.  OL never playing together?  That couldn't have been foreseen?  That Osemele was hurt and didn't fit the system?  This should not have come as a shock.  That Kalil was done?  He was retired, right?  Has Winters or Lewis ever gone through a season healthy? 

Best WR out for the year? He has been in the league since 2014.  This is the 3rd time that he hasn't played more than a single game.  He missed all of 2017, then 5 games in 2018 including the last 3.  His 2nd best year he had under 40/500 and he never had over 56% catch rate. 

We knew that our Big Weapon at TE was suspended to start the season for an awful long time.  He was arrested on June 2, 2018.  He also missed his senior year hurt.  It is not a surprise when injury prone players are injured.  Are we going to whine if Bless Austin doesn't play 16?  Who could have expected such a thing?

Losing all our corners?  What corners?  Trumaine Johnson was benched.  For sucking.  Long before he got hurt.  Who else missed time?  I guess Roberts missed a bit and Maulet went down yesterday, but why would they be counting on him in the first place? 

One thing I know is that you can go on and on.  So can I, but c'mon.  

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2 minutes ago, nyjets1969 said:

none they are all scrubs this line is a disaster. Edoga maybe that's it the rest send them packing.

You're in luck!  Edoga, Harrison and Winters are the only ones under contract.  Winters is a likely cap casualty. 

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35 minutes ago, y2k8 said:

I really hate to call for the firing of assistant coaches. These a working dudes with families, etc. But if there was ever cause to make some changes on the offensive staff, clearly the 2 guys running the OL need to be re-evaluated. Frank Pollack's greatest claim to fame was as OL coach for the Cowboys (2013-17) but he was let go because they couldn't pass block.  Sounds familiar. 




I have never been a big fan of Pollack.  He wasn't the Cowboys Oline coach from 2014-2017.  The first couple of years he was assistant offensive line coach under Callahan.  Bad news is, among the guys that Gase had on staff in Miami was Dave DeGuglielmo.  Never liked him much either.  He was with the Jets when Sparano was OC.  Not pass blocking is one thing, but they cannot run the ball for sh*t. 

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