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Name one Jets offensive lineman that you definitely want back next year as a starter. You can't.

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7 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Remember when Douglas got killed for trying to band-aid the Center position with Kalil?  What a loser.  Everyone knows it's easy to find starting O-Linemen in August.  

Everyone also knows every #PlayoffRoster starts with a bottom 3 Offensive Line.  

Macc should be arrested for criminal negligence.  

What I can't figure out is that this has been an ongoing issue for years.  Was Mac the only one responsible for player evaluation?  Was the coaching staff not given any say into personnel decisions?

Oh and people saying that we can plug up some of the OL holes with free agency, guess again.  It's a league wide issue and we're not the only ones bidding.

Check out what the Eagles paid Lane Johnson.


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17 minutes ago, bitonti said:

Yes they need more particularly at Center but in 2020 the line could be Beachum - Lewis - X - Shell - Edoga.  Or if Beachum is too old they could be Edoga - Lewis - X - X - Shell.

If they go into next season with just those two options, Joe Douglas has not done his job.

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6 minutes ago, bitonti said:

Beachum, when healthy, has been above average. As I said he was playing hurt last week. He is getting to the end of his career but put him on a team like New Orleans he'd be starting and no one would say he was bad. Darnold held the ball forever last week. 

Alex Lewis was a starter in Baltimore and he's a starter here 

Edoga has all the skills to be a starting tackle but he's 21 

Shell is not garbage he's a replacement level starter maybe a swing tackle. 

Compton and Harrison are garbage (but Darnold managed to play awesome with Harrison last season)

they have 2 holes mostly interior they don't need to draft 5 linemen or go lineman 1-2 like people say. Edge rush is a worse need, CB is pretty bad too. 

Coaching is probably the worst need on the team right now 

Edoga and Shell have shown nothing to point to that we can count on them to provide adequate protection going forward.  Now it might be a necessity to keep them just out of need for warm bodies to plug into the lineup. BUT..... 

We need to come up with at minimum 3 adequate replacements for the OL otherwise it's another replay of this season.

Now whether that will come from the draft or free agency is up to Joey D.

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