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gase failed game planning 101

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16 minutes ago, kmnj said:

yes a real shocker our coach got out coached again-the bengals are bad against the run every casual fan knows this-at home they are even worse against the run-so what does our coach do he gives Bell the Ball ten times and lets Sam throw 48 times.I understand we got behind but the game plan from the start was bad. Our coach is just not a good one sad but true. He is what his record said in Miami and what it says for the Jets. Yes another Gase is bad thread. When you lose against the worst two teams in the NFl in the same season(when we played them both had zero wins) that tells you all you need to know)

I know the talent level is not the same on the lines in particular but man what a contrast watching Tomlin's team yesterday-down to their 4th string qb-missing their best RB and best WR(forget about the  fact that they lost bell and brown last year) guy on suspension and he has them heading to the playoffs probably. Tomlin is putting together one hell of a season with the injuries they have been dealing with. Do I expect Gase to be on the same level as Tomlin nope I dont but the contrast with amazing. One team ran the perfect game plan on both sides of the ball and one ran a terrible game on both sides of the ball.



hard to say that considering the players that he is working with on the oline.  two big plays were called back because of oline infractions (even though they were ticky tacky) and then they got the safety and loss of possession, again on a ticky tacky foul.  i know the talking heads were all wondering why the jets weren't going outside with their run game but maybe it's because they don't block well enough.  at some point you can only call the plays the team is capable of running.

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