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The truth about stepping away from this team...

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I love coming to the board because I think there are a lot of funny posters here that don't take any of this too seriously. Hey, we're Jet fans, they suck, we know they suck. Every decision this franchise makes is the wrong one & even when things go right (Parcells), we still get kicked in the nutsack by the same hero we thought he was (We literally would have had Payton Manning if Parcells agreed to draft him), We would have had Belichick if Parcells just walked off into the sunset instead of saying he was moving into a management position. 

This is a franchise that hasn't had a franchise QB since Namath & they passed on Marino, Wilson, Watson, Mahomes. They wanted Favre, missed by 1 pick, then the GM that wanted him went to Green Bay & traded for him! We could have traded for him! 

Ive followed this team since 1968. If something can go wrong, it will. Mud Bowl, a roughing the passer on 3rd & long, a kickoff that gets blown back by a gust of wind & recovered by the opposing team, can we really call yesterday's game a TRAP GAME? All 3 Bengal fans were looking at that game on the schedule to get off the snide. Browns haven't won in forever...here come the Washington Generals..er NY Jets, Miami is winless...bring on the Jets, Bengals 0-11....here come the NY Jets, the team we cheer for is looked at as a complete & utter JOKE by other NFL fans. Including fans of OTHER BAD TEAMS! 

Other bad teams after losing to the Jets are DEVASTATED, they're like, how could this happen? We lost to the Jets? 

Games are literally officiated against us like we're the Washington Generals of the league. Parcells brought back a sense of respectability for all of us, Rex was fun but we knew he was like a Super Nova & explode eventually. This Joe Douglas guy better have balls the size of small planets because bold moves are in order to fix this team. Macc was a milktoast idiot whose boldest move was to trade away important assets for a chance at 4 QBs that he had no idea which one he would end up with. Everything he did, every draft he ran, every pick was the wrong pick! A 5th grader with a few draft magazines could have gotten luckier. 

Life of a Jet fan. Don't let it ruin your life though, because none of it is your fault, lol.


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