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The truth about stepping away from this team...

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My approach is, recognize that the Jets are purely entertainment, and have no bearing on my actual life, at all. If they win the SB for the next 10 years straight, I don't make any more money, I don't have any more sex, I don't have to work less, my life will be exactly the same.

If they win, I enjoy it, I like to follow them, and be able to talk to my family and friends who are Jets fans. I like to post on message boards about the Jets and converse with other fans.

I used to let the Jets impact my moods, my weeks, no more. Those days are long gone.

If someone asks me what my team is, I gladly tell them the Jets, and if they chuckle, or try to make me feel bad, I actually think to myself, what kind of loser derives self worth from their sports teams, as if they have something to do with success or failure of a sports team, or did something grand to acquire their fandom. Like Yankees fans who act like they climbed Mt. Everest and were bestowed Yankee fandom as a reward.....


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