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The truth about stepping away from this team...

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I've said it a few times this year, if my local team was any good at all, I would probably have abandoned ship on the Jets this year.  I was that close.

My ties to the Jets are two things:

1. Grew up for a while on Long Island, ~11 years.

2. Liked Green (my favorite color) as a kid.

So I was a Jets Fan.  Spent 40 years (so far) following them.  Sunk cost.

But here is the thing, I'm NOT a New Yorker.  I wasn't born in NY, and I've lived down here near DC for over 30 years.  Went to High School and College down here.  Met my wife down here.  My entire adult life is down here, I am a Virginian/DC'ite.  

And as the years have gone by, my ties to NY have diminished.  Family up there I never see and barely know, my favorite Pizza joint, White Castle, and the Jets.  That's about it now.

That's why it was so easy, after years of not following Baseball, to buy into the Nationals when they arrived here.  They're my home team.

But the Redskins......I just can't. 

Hate the Owner (worse than ours).

Hate the colors (Maroon and gold, ugh yuk).

Hate the (IMO) racist Logo and Team name.

And they are materially worse than even we are.  Amazingly bad franchise.

There is nothing I like about this team here.....except I could watch them without Sunday Ticket, and hear about them on local radio, and be surrounded by fellow local fans.  THAT is the temptation.

But no.  Not happening.  Not yet, at least.  If they fix the things I hate....who knows.  Lord knows, the Jets have no earned the love I've given them for four+ decades.


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