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The truth about stepping away from this team...

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1 hour ago, WowOhWow said:

I've got enough confidence in my history of being a Jet fan to share my thoughts on this, which I'm sure will come with ridicule and snarky responses from the usual thread killers.  But here goes:

Since the Miami debacle I completely changed the way I follow, watch and consume information on this team.  I'll admit it, I actually de-prioritized the Jets.  Stopped listening to Jet podcasts while driving to and from work.  Stopped following all their beat writers on Twitter.  Stopped reading news articles.  Visited this fan site (which I love) much, much less.  Haven't bought a ticket or any merchandise since then either.

I stopped organizing my Sundays around watching the game (I have DirecTV, GamePass) and would watch the game on and off, without focusing on every play, etc.  I stopped getting into long discussions at work about them.  The time, energy, emotion put into this team was reduced by 95%.  My family can't believe it.  My wife, kids are amazed I did it.  I was a nut for 40+years.

And I can't believe how much better I feel.  I'm not exaggerating.  I actually feel better. and are much, much happier.

Watching this team, following this team takes a toll, and when everything they do is a kick in the balls its amazing how much relief and how much better it feels to step away.

When this team starts losing guys like me there are problems...because I used to spend.  Not anymore...and I actually feel great.

I guess I'm a p@ssy, huh.


I don’t get to watch them much anymore since moving to DC almost 2 years ago. But they played in Washington and play i Baltimore and they don’t move the stick for me one iota. I used to be wayyyy more into the team and following. But they’re bad and keep making decisions that will keep them bad. Can’t be a “fair weather” fan if it keeps pissing rain. 

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