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The truth about stepping away from this team...

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21 minutes ago, ChuckkieB said:

As I've gotten older, I have much less tolerance for BS and negativity of any kind and I definitely put less time and energy into things around me that don't give me some kind of positive utility.  I still love my teams, but I don't agonize over losses, bad calls, wasted seasons, etc... My son, who is 18, sees this and doesn't understand how I've become a more casual fan of my teams because he is in the throes of the youthful "all in" fandom for all of the teams I've sadly indoctrinated him into rooting for - Jets, Mets, Knicks, Rangers and yes, I apologize to him on a daily basis for this!


I was like your son. I was 17 when the Jets lost to Pittsburgh in the AFC Championship. I was all in emotionally. My entire existence revolved around the Jets during that football season. And that Steelers loss shattered me.

Haven’t remotely cared as much since then. I barely watched half the games in the last two years of Rex. 

Happy when they win, expect them to lose, life goes on on Monday.


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