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The Class of '18 QBs are really Only as Good as their Situations

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1 hour ago, slats said:

Lamar Jackson gets drafted by a solid Baltimore Ravens team with one of the best coaches in the league, who takes their time getting the young QB's feet wet and then tailors the entire offense to that QB's strengths. Result? An MVP-like season from the QB who was the afterthought of the class at the time. 

Josh Allen is the only other QB who's been in the same system two years in a row, and has really had a very nice jump in year two. His passing is respectable, and he's also doing it with his legs and in the win column. People saying he'd never be good because of his college career should be researching crow recipes right about now (I had major doubts!). 

Our own Sam is on his second head coach and a completely different system. The team lacks talent everywhere, and the organization is flawed from the ownership on down. Throw in mono and losing both Herndon and Enunwa from an already suspect receiving group, and it's fairly impressive that he's still managed to improve on his numbers from last year so far. 

Baker Mayfield is on his third head coach, a coach in way over his head, with a convoluted offensive system that Kitchens was supposed to continue but instead they brought in an outside OC who seemed to create some tension. Added a couple volatile playmakers, but after a hot shot rookie season, Mayfield's having a legitimate sophomore slump. And yeah, it's Cleveland. 

Josh Rosen is on his second team in two years and could easily be on his third in three next year. He went from one worst team in the league to another. Really couldn't've been put in a worse position, and I don't recall a top ten QB ever having such a difficult start. I think his best bet would be to land as a backup in a solid organization, and hope to get another chance down the road. Unfortunately for him, the fish will probably just trade him to the highest bidder. 

Good post.

Some guys get lucky, and go to the right team, or situation. You still have to give them credit for getting it done. It’s not easy for a young QB to win in this league.

Other guys can be just as talented, even more so then one of those guys, but they end up in a place where they have little to no chance to succeed.

Years ago, Archie Manning was the poster boy for this. He realized what a no win situation it was, and did all he could to make sure his two sons ended up in good spots for them.

Then there are the Ryan Leafs. Guys everyone thinks can’t miss, but do. Or even worse, the guys who show just enough to keep people thinking they could be the guy, yet they never become that.

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2 hours ago, JiF said:

All I know about the 2018 QB class is Bakery Mayflower is terrible at everything he does and his commercials are even worse.


Quite the conundrum isn’t it?

The douchey guy who plays in Cleveland, of all places, got all the “terrible” commercials.

The young clean cut kid who plays in the media capital of the world, practically on top of Madison Avenue got nothing but mono.

Life can be so unfair. The guys who are terrible at everything always win...

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35 minutes ago, JiF said:

Are you saying that because the Heisman winning, first overall pick draws a lot of attention to himself by running around like a lunatic after anytime he scores a TD so he gets more commercials than other QB's in the class including the New York Jets QB that he's better than the rest?  

Weird way of looking at it but right on!  Not sure how this make life cruel but try to keep your chin up! 


I didn’t think that’s what I was saying, but what the heck, I’ll go with it.

He’s not having a very good year, and I need something... 😢

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15 minutes ago, Dinamite said:

I am not sure we are not grasping at straws here.   Pretty much most of the 2018 QBs (outside of Rosen and Rudolph) have done ok to great (Lamar).  I think they all have a future in the league as starters and their potential can only be enriched by the conditions of their organizations .  Hopefully Sam reaches his potential and becomes the franchise QB the Jets need.   But I am hopeful he will and it will be fun to watch these other QBs as well. 

I agree with you.

I also think all four organizations feel like they got the right man for their team, and wouldn’t change anything if they could pick again.

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12 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:


All four?!?!  You think the Cardinals feel like they got the right man for their team?  Then why did they trade him and start over ASAP? I doubt they would trade their 2018 first, third and fifth for a pick in the bottom of the 2019 second round. 

Jets Darnold

Bills Allen

Browns Mayfield

Ravens Jackson

That's “four”. Rosen hasn’t been  in the conversation with these guys for a while, has he?

I guess if you want to be a stickler, I could’ve said 4 of 5. Would that have really mattered?

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56 minutes ago, slats said:

We had people in here before last year's draft calling for the Jets to take a QB in the first round. 

Really? I don’t remember that, especially last year with that group of QBs. You could be right though, your memory is probably better then mine.

I do recall guys saying we should take one this coming draft though, so I see your point.

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28 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

So...  Sam and Baker would also have gone 16-2 if insreted as starter for Balt...

nah, dont buy that for a second.

It’s so easy for people trying to justify their feelings about a player to say things like “he could’ve done what that guy did...” except he hasn’t, which kind of weakens that argument, lol.

I was one of the few to think Jackson would be very good, same with Allen. I got killed here for it last season and this September when I doubled down saying they were the two I was most interested in watching this year.

They have both been really good. LJ has been exceptional, and Allen is getting better and better. So far they’re the two success stories of the ‘18 QB class.

Mayfield and the Browns have surprised me this year. They are terrible once they get the ball into the red zone. It’s like they invent ways to screw up.

Mayfield and the offense perform very well until they get down there, but just can’t finish the job. I don’t know why. Play calling, execution... who knows? It hasn’t been good though.

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