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The Class of '18 QBs are really Only as Good as their Situations

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3 hours ago, JiF said:

Well said.  I'll never understand the need to isolate blame or fame around here when everyone knows this game more than any other is predicated on the team rather than the individual.  It's why we love the sport.

HC's and QB's will always get more credit and more blame than they deserve, so that's too be expected but for some reason it still baffles in me how in one hand you can say - this is the worst team in Football and Mac was the worst GM ever.  And in the other say - Adam Gase and Sam Darnold are terrible and need to be replaced.  Bad teams are inconsistent and are up and down week to week because they're bad Football teams.  Expecting Gase and Darnold to instantly click and overcome the lack of talent is kind of a ridiculous ask. 

I understand having concerns with what you're seeing but for the sake of this argument, I think that's where comparisons really arent fair.  Lamar Jackson coming into a great franchise like the Ravens with a Super Bowl winning Head Coach who has been in place for 11 years isnt exactly the same as Sam Darnold playing for one of the worst franchises in all of sports with Todd Bowles and Adam Gase in his first 2 seasons with his 2nd GM on arguably the least talented team in the NFL.  

Lol Jesus. Just reading “Todd Bowles and Adam Gase” back to back like that is terrifying. I pray for Sams career. 

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