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The Class of '18 QBs are really Only as Good as their Situations

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1 hour ago, Eyes Of Adam said:

Yo, I think you are really onto something. I was watching the game with my boy, and he kept saying how bad our Oline is. And I was saying no, the line is actually fantastic, one of the best, and its Sam Darnold that makes them look bad. He has WR open like mad, and instead of throwing it to them, he just holds it and sits around forever until the other team sacks him. I think you are right, the Oline is actually fantastic. Can you send me some of the easy to comprehend, indisputable evidence so I can prove this to my dumb friend who thinks its the line?

I think two things are true: the OL sucks and Darnold loses his confidence way too easily. There’s overlap there, but Darnold has to figure his brain out before we sign him to a second contract

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