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Who wants to party in Buffalo?

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22 hours ago, Paradis said:

I’m flying out for this one boys. No underwear, and lots of contraband. 

We have an obligation to make this game a nightmare for the bills and the locals 

PS. 50% chance of getting arrested if you roll me with. I’m 2/4 at Ralph Wilson. 

mannnn if you were going to the dolphins game this weekend id be down, i actually scored some free tickets for it. 

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2 hours ago, Losmeister said:

pariah bit is spot on. But I asked myself " WAS he a good kicker?" I mean he was the Bills

K for a while...    I guess I always remembetred him as decent/solid.

stats say MEH 




Kickers weren't as good then as he is now.  His stats don't look good through the prism of today's day but back in the 80s he was above average.  

Putting it another way:  You don't get to a Super Bowl without a good Kicker.  

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Went to school in western NY in the late 80s. Went to a Jets/Bills game in 85 I think. It was the year the Bills got Kellys rights but had to wait for him until the next season.  Thankfully I went to the game with a dozen guys because I wore Jets gear and the Jets were winning and the Bills fans were aholes. I didn’t stand up and mock the Bills or anything like that. Just sat there and clapped when the Jets made a play. 
The drunken idiots around me tried to harass me,like a lot of them lol , but when they realized I had numbers they chut up. 

so yeah not interested lol

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