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New York Mick

Thursday Night Football

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Paying Dak franchise QB money would be the dumbest move ever. He is SOOOO overrated. He is just exceedingly average. Got lots of garbage time stats tonight though.

But Dallas is just completely awful. RAMS should beat them.

Who would have thought that the Redskins and Giants after the first 9 weeks or so would both have actual chances to win the division?

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10 minutes ago, 14 in Green said:


insert 27th ranked QB over the last two years, add water, stir well. Bake at 400* for 30 minutes and, presto! The Cowboys are 10-3.

No sense letting facts ruin a good story. Better to stick with hopes and dreams, we can always have a happy ending that way.

You know in your heart that wherever you are getting that ranking it means exceedingly little and has no real relation to what Darnold is or isn't at this point. He is a work in progress.

No analytic really is very good at determining how good a QB is. As an example, there are QBs that have completely upside down ratings if you lool at Total QBR and compare it to DOVA or another advanced statistic.

I will say this. When I watch Prescott I see nothing elite about him at all. I see another in the list of compiler QBs that will have good statistics but when it really comes down to being "the guy" falls short over and over and over again. These QBs do well against really week teams WHEN surrounded by a lot of talent, but completely fail against good opponents. As last night showed, oftentimes these QBs will wind up getting decent stats from these games as they compile huge numbers against soft zones when the game is out of reach.

Prescott is that guy. He has had his team completely out of many games this year including Jets, Green Bay, last night, and several others and then just gets a lot of stats in second half. Team loses but it appears it wasnt his fault.

There is nothing exceptional about Prescott. The are probably at least 20 QBs, maybe more that would be as effective or better than Dak if they played on the Dallas team. That is what my eyes see.

FWIW, there are signs that Darnold might be one of these guys as well, especially looking back and seeing that Oakland and Dallas were not really quality wins either. But I see way more talent in Sam than Prescott and I am hoping that once he has a solid team around him he will really take off.

Garbage time stats are really a scourge in the perception of players in the NFL.

An interesting stat would be stats weighted by what the game situation was. Is it a close game, or just silly time stat padding time. I suspect Dak would plummet in his perceived value.

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