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TD Darnold to Robby. Shove that up your ass 

Fitz is a professional QB and our guys isn’t yet. You see how fast the ball comes out of his hand? Darnold is a big problem 

Please, Mark Sanchez got 5 years here. No way they give up on Darnold after 3.

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1 minute ago, Losmeister said:

The best we can do is say other Qbs are playing sh*tty today.

We had a 3rd and 1 deep on our QB goes oh for 2 on one play, neither runs for it ( easy)

or passes it to an open Crowder ( not quite as easy)



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1 minute ago, Pac said:

Pretty sure that's my first complaint in about a month, brainiac.  The spleen is no longer a factor at all and people coddling him isn't going to make him any better.  If he's playing like sh-t the coaches MUST tell him he's playing like sh-t.


We can’t do that, how come they can?

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1 minute ago, playtowinthegame said:


For another Fitz field goal.

Why is it so impressive we havent allowed a TD? We have allowed them to stay in the game by 1000 field goals. They are going to win this on a last minute field goal. Place yer bets. 

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