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TD Darnold to Robby. Shove that up your ass 

Fitz is a professional QB and our guys isn’t yet. You see how fast the ball comes out of his hand? Darnold is a big problem 

Please, Mark Sanchez got 5 years here. No way they give up on Darnold after 3.

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6 minutes ago, fusionCA said:

He has a losing qb 

Gase has never had a QB that was any good we all know this,  It is never this guys fault any qb he looks after stinks....until they go elsewhere.

Unless of course you are 15 year vet hof QB who essentially calls all his own plays.

Gase is a disaster and it is all so predictable.

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Sam can be a franchise QB; obviously have a bad couple of games; sophomore slump - but his team is truly terrible, hopefully not lost, or even a bust - my real concern is with the coaching - was not a fan of Gase, and the o truly lacks talent, but a coach is supposed to improve team - gase couldn't win with tannebaum, and he doesn't not adjust or game plan for the players and competition.

I realize the team sucks, and we had a lot of injuries, but hopefully win or loose, JD sees that Gase isn't the future - next year may we have 4 coaches on the payroll - LOL..

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4 minutes ago, Pac said:

No I mean we're going to get completely blasted on Thurs against the Ravens..  It will be bad.

I'm in Rochester so I'm watching this game on the computer with the Bills on the TV.  About to be 24-9 Ravens.

I'm at Bill Gray's. Just as depressing here lol

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