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TD Darnold to Robby. Shove that up your ass 

Fitz is a professional QB and our guys isn’t yet. You see how fast the ball comes out of his hand? Darnold is a big problem 

Please, Mark Sanchez got 5 years here. No way they give up on Darnold after 3.

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Basically for the last 8 weeks now, every defenses main game plan against the Jets is middle blitzing.

The Jets continually use HEAVY does of play action passing with the QB taking his eyes away from the blitz.

I'm not trying to absolve Darnold of everything, but that is flat out bad coaching plain and simple.

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1 minute ago, kdels62 said:

On a personal note I think my programmed thermostat decided it’s the time of day to turn off and I’m too lazy to get off my couch.

Duct-taped and bubblegummed our furnace for 4 winters. Broke down and finally got a new one. Old thermostat was ridiculous; needed an engineering degree to do it. Was one of those youtube videos like ...oh, it's sooo easy.....right.... Look, want it to be 70-72, don't need to program the temp every 15 minutes. 


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