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1 hour ago, JTJet said:

Have you ever watched our team play? ... ever? 

This has all the makings of a late breakdown where Fitzmagic torches us late in the game, after we've been bending so much we finally break. 

Hope im wrong obviously but being a Jets fan, you should know this. 

Just going to leave this right here and wonder why half of you thought otherwise? 

This is what the Jets do.

And this is what Fitz does. Chip, chip, chip away and somehow win a game at the end. Who cares if they are FGs, they are still points. 

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TD Darnold to Robby. Shove that up your ass 

Fitz is a professional QB and our guys isn’t yet. You see how fast the ball comes out of his hand? Darnold is a big problem 

Please, Mark Sanchez got 5 years here. No way they give up on Darnold after 3.

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Just now, Irish Jet said:

I have defended Darnold for the most part. Even if the stats say he’s been decent this has been the most concerning performance yet.

Left so many f*cking plays out there. His timing has been all over the plays. No excuses either. Open WR’s and plenty of time. Just hasn’t executed.

The plays were there. The receivers were wide open.  He didn't hit them time after time. 

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