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Philc1 wants you to know that he'd like to see Gase fired

How long are we stuck with idiot Gase?  

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  1. 1. How long are we stuck with idiot Gase?

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I think there will be excuses made and Gase gets a clean slate next year.  

Gase will get a much better roster to work with next year.  He should be thinking how he it can be a healthier roster during the 2020 season.    His injured player history is below-average.  

If Gase has games next year where the coaches are unprepared like they were yesterday, I don’t think he makes it to 2021.  

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Put in another way, the Johnson family took their J and J money and wanted to invest it smartly.

Through their political/NJ connections, they were given the opportunity to purchase the Jets.

The Johnsons accrue wealth from the Jets in two ways:

1-the team appreciates in value.  They can borrow against the team's value.   When they sell it they will pay a lower capital gains tax rate on their capital gain.

2-NFL teams, as opposed to other sports teams, actually have positive cash flow.   So every year, the Johnsons take cash out of the Jets equal to the difference between the cash they receive and the cash they spend.  If they are paying coaches not to work, that reduces their cash flow.  Thus, a decreased likelihood they fire another coach without "giving him a chance."

If I owned an NFL team, I may want to sell it now while Trump is in office (because the capital gains tax rate would likely increase, possibly by alot, if a Democrat gets elected President).  I may also want to sell it before the injury/concussion thing gets too out of control.   I don't see them doing that though.

From what we know, the Jets are owned by Mother Johnson (in her 90s), Woody and Chris.  They have two other siblings who may or way not be involved with the team.  Mother Johnson basically gave her older son her proxy, which is why he ran the team for so long.  Woody has four children, and Chris just got married to a woman much younger.   Woody is 72 years old.   Woody's older three children, one of whom passed away, were featured in the movie "Born Rich" and are not high achievers.  When Mother Johnson passes away and Woody gets old and decrepit, this whole thing will unravel, and the Jets will be sold to the hot shot billionaire of choice.  Until then, we will be fans of a team that is viewed by its owners as more of a savings account than object of fan passion.  

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