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Philc1 wants you to know that he'd like to see Gase fired

How long are we stuck with idiot Gase?  

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  1. 1. How long are we stuck with idiot Gase?

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4 hours ago, UntouchableCrew said:

1) Gase had enough power/influence that he was able to get the GM fired after running the entire offseason. Guys with pull like that don't usually get axed after one year.

2) The Johnsons are cheap. They don't want to spend the next three years paying two head coaches.

You mean 3 head coaches. They're paying Gase and Bowles this year and I think next year as well. Before the 2018 season both Bowles and Maccagnan (each of whom could/should have been expecting to be fired) were awarded with 2-year extensions. As in extensions for 2019 and 2020.

The Johnsons suck ass, but cheap shmeep. Nobody pays 3 head coaches while also paying 2 GMs.

Not unless maybe someone oh so special suddenly came available and (lol) after all this time made himself available really because he wants to coach the Jets. Someone like Harbaugh, I guess, but I doubt he's going anywhere he isn't also the GM with total control. Or it'd be another personal friend of Douglas (but then isn't Gase already one?). Who else would feel they had any job security past 1 year if this is how much of a leash they get with the guy who's only here because of the just-fired HC? Anyway absent one of those two scenarios, it's taking another swing at unknowns, with Chris Johnson putting his thumb on the scales again, right after pulling it out of his own ass. 

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Likelihood is Gase isn't getting fired after 2020 either. Not unless there's a mutiny and/or he goes 4-12 or worse, with a generally healthy roster, and getting players he pushed for getting (and dumping/trading) in FA and the draft. He'll get to say they're still working on purging the prior regime's poison and it takes more than 1-2 years. FFS that's what people said for 3+ years when Maccagnan/Bowles were hired. 

So far I'm decidedly unimpressed, but his put up or shut up season will be 2021 whether any of us like it or not. 

Knew in November last year they were firing Bowles, and were already searching and talking to some candidates. Then after finally dumping Bowles, Chris Johnson brags about what a big splash the next HC hire is going to be after this exhaustive/lengthy search process is over. And he hires the guy the Dolphins fired after just 3 seasons, because he once used to call/do whatever Peyton Manning wanted.

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15 minutes ago, UntouchableCrew said:

Yeah, I thought Bowles only signed the one year extension, so I guess they'd be paying three coaches and two GMs in 2020. Absurd that guys literally get extensions just to avoid the "lame duck" designation.

Crazy. Especially when he saw Coughlin win a SB as a lame duck coach in the same freaking stadium. There's no cap $ for it, and it a pittance compared to all the players that bust for them every year, so it doesn't mean anything to me if an additional $4MM or $8MM of Johnson's money went to Bowles (nor an equal amount to Maccagnan) after they were fired.  What concerns me is that CJ had enough confidence in one or both of them for an extension to even enter his mind. 

And this is supposed to be the "smarter" Johnson brother? Yeesh. 

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