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It is amazing how timing is everything


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4 hours ago, 14 in Green said:

@ASH1962 I’m going to use Cleveland as an example here. They were 0-1 when we played them, they weren’t “on fire”. 

After they beat us, they fell to 2-6. They have since won 4-5, just like we have. They will also probably win at least two of their final three against Washington, Baltimore and Cincinnati. They are one of two teams to have beaten Baltimore so they might win that one also, although I doubt it.

Their final record will be either 8-8 or 9-7. So they will have finished “strong” at either 6-2 or 7-1 over their final 8 games.

Now that we’re done with the easy part of our schedule, our remaining games are Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Buffalo. I’ll be really optimistic and say we will win one of those, which will leave us at 6-10. Most likely though, we end up 5-11.

The last month has been fun, we got to see a bunch of wins, and we were all happy. In 3 weeks when we look back though, we’re going to realize we’re the same team we’ve been the last 4 years, and picking around #6 once again.

@slats As I mentioned I think most have enjoyed this stretch of wins, but they were tempered by the opening day collapse and the mono thing, like you said. The losses to Miami and Cincinnati also made it hard to get excited about the wins we did have as far as them meaning much in the big picture.

Not on fire? LOL did you watch that game? That night we were no match for them or any of the teams we got slaughtered by in the first 6 weeks. Myles Garret put half of our team in the hospital that night. He is suspended now.

Was just talking about timing..nothing more nothing less

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4 hours ago, Warfish said:

To each their own. 

My "spirits" enjoyed the wins, especially the Redskins win for obvious reasons, but these wins are what they are.

i.e. Garbage time wins after we've long been de facto eliminated from contention vs. teams with records like 2-11 (Giants), 3-10 (Phins), 3-10 (Redskins). 

Combine all their wins, and those three teams would still be out of contention in 2019, lol.

The win vs. the Raiders (6-7 and collapsing looks like) was very spirit raising, but was countered by a spirit crushing and embarrassing defeat to the (at the time) 0-10 Bengals.  

My spirits would like to see wins vs. Pittsburgh (8-5) and Buffalo (9-4) to close out the season 7-9.  Those would be impressive wins vs. beatable teams, spirit raising wins, especially if the wins are led by Darnold playing well.

Beaten beaten up in our 3 remaining games and finishing 5-11 is same old same old.  No spirit raising from that.


Have you examined our IR list? 

For me, any game we are competitive in is enjoyable and a spirit raiser.  

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