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5 minutes ago, JiF said:

I feel like people who say Bell looks slow, has never seen Bell play.  He's not a burner, never has been.  That's not his thing. He's a patient runner with incredible vision and the ability to make the 1st guy miss and possibly a better WR.

If Bell is traded to a team that can run block, he'll be right back at the top of the league.  I guarantee it. 

Agree 100!  He is still making the first guy miss, problem is that there are 2 more waiting for him after that. Running behind this line seems almost like rugby to me so yeah, powell could do that. You have a dynamic playmaker in the backfield and you run him between the tackles of an oline that cant block.  IDK if opposing defenses are crowding the edges to force our runs inside where it turns into a scrum that we lose every time or if our HC is just stubborn...  I have to agree that if we move bell, he will have a heck of a year next year. I am hopeful that we improve the oline in the offseason and we unleash the power of bell next year.

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