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Something's not right

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42 minutes ago, Copernicus said:

Something is so not right with Gase/Bell/and the Jets. As the season is playing out it is becoming more clear that they are not on the same page. From Bell going from top offensive threat in the NFL to lack of carries and involvement in the offense, to the obnoxious amount of carries the RBs got on Sunday without Bell,  to the flu that was serious enough for the Jets to make Bell inactive but not serious enough that he would be able to go bowling. Something is not right here. Is Gase the bad guy for not playing him enough throughout the season? Is Bell the bad guy behind the scenes and the bowling incident and lack of awareness of being scene in public is the start of exposing why Gase seems to not like him?

How do you think this plays out? 

Actually my take and what I have heard said is Gase likes to use the pass to open up the run and when you have a QB as we have growing into that role you trust the QB to perform the drives much of it with passing. We did the same thing with Pennington where the running game was just being used to keep the defenses honest. That just couldn't last long term for us since A. Chad got seriously injured too much, and B. Chad didn't have enough arm strength the way QBs like Sammy do.

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