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6 hours ago, JiF said:

Gase is a egomaniac psychopathic a$$hole who likes to make and prove points rather than do what's best for his team.  It's a was a glaring issue in Miami as he ran all the talent out of town and it's obvious with how he handles any situation he doesnt like; so he went out of his way to alienate Bell and prove a moronic failed point by letting Powell show that nobody can run behind this OL.

I say this stat over and over again but morons keep saying things like Bell is done.  The Jets RB's meet 1st contact at .5  yards past LOS.  League average is 3 yards.  Nobody is going to be successful behind this OL.  3 RB's are utilized by the Jets, the average is 3.3 ypc and everyone of them is having their worst year from a YPC perspective.  Coincidence?  no

An "offensive genius" cant work in 27 year old Le'Veon Bell's skill set but Todd Haley made him the most dynamic playmaker in the NFL.  It's not a good look for Gase just like the Tannehill situation.

Powell had 75 yds... Proves that bell is not suited for this team.  Powell this year has been better at hitting the hole faster and getting more  yards.  

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