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21 minutes ago, dbatesman said:


(5th in DYAR, 11th in DVOA)

DB- I don't disagree with anything that you say here (this thread).

Help the uninformed here on DVOA and DYAR:

-Does it distinguish between situations on the football field:

   -Say a run on 3rd and one and the yards gained (where the defense may be stacked in the box)

   -Vs a run on 3rd and long (where the the defense may be laying back and giving up yards

-Does it distinguish yards gained as being different in say carries 1-10 vs 30+ in a game?

I follow the metrics in baseball and find some useful and some garbage. And some no one can explain what they mean and how they are derived. I do not follow it in football.

The Reader's Digest version, please.


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1 hour ago, dbatesman said:

I don’t think FO slices it quite that thin in terms of personnel, though I could be wrong. They absolutely take down and distance into account, as well as the strength of the opponent. And they do track things like carries 1-10 vs. 30+, though I don’t think they make that data available without a subscription. Essentially what they’re doing is figuring out the expected success rate of a given play in a given scenario against a given defense, and comparing the actual outcome to that. That’s the gist, although they explain it better than I can: https://www.footballoutsiders.com/info/methods

Thank you!!! That helps

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32 minutes ago, Losmeister said:

i do know. go read it yourself. your ignorance aint my problem.


 1. I never asked you, It was not directed toward you.

2. Yesterday I helped edify you based on your "ignorance", when you could not read a simple chart when clarifying draft round and position.


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