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Just now, jetstream23 said:

Could have easily folded like a tent after the penalty to setup 1st and 25, and again after the Crowder drop.

Resilient....and that's a positive.

Hoping to see much much more of this from Sam tonight and the next few weeks.

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This is bullsh*t If Douglas doesn’t invest every resource into the OL and receiving corps then he can suck my ass. Edge and CB can wait

That’s was all Sam in that drive Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

I like Darnold but I can see some people feeling he is not the guy. A new Qb will do NOTHING unless you fix large parts of the team. Bring in the QB of your choice and he'll get his ass kick

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1 minute ago, Saul Goodman said:

The Darnold we are seeing tonight is the one we could see every week. Just give the kid a little bit of support. Not all-pros, just average play from the players around him. 

GIve him an OL and I think he could make hay with this skillz group.  Give him an OL and a true #1 as he's a stud.

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