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7 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

The morning after. 

The NY Jets played a decent game.

Better play calling would have been nice. 

Have to disagree with you here my friend.

We got beat like a drum.

The offense was moving the ball better then expected. Nothing wrong with the play calling. Better execution, by better players would’ve been nice.

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6 hours ago, joewilly12 said:

Good Morning America Michael Strahan continues the ball washing of Lamar Jackson. 

Give it a rest dude. 

How dare he compliment the probable MVP after a great performance...

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6 hours ago, TuscanyTile2 said:

Agreed.  The best thing about the game was the progress showed by Darnold.  If we had an OL and some quality weapons around him, it's easy to envision him (and the offense in general) being very good.  Obviously we're a ways away from putting a good group in front of him but hopefully we'll finally have a real GM in Joe D.

I also think Darnold showed a lot of leadership qualities in the game.  I loved that he went right back to Crowder after that easy drop in the end zone.  As they broke the huddle on that play where Crowder caught the TD, it looked like Darnold said something to him. (I'm guessing something like "you're gonna get this one").

Also, I liked how he didn't let the offense quit no matter the score or the quality of the opponent.

Darnold gets a B+.  The rest of the team gets a C-.

I think the CS deserves at least as much of that credit you’re giving Sam.

After all you just said about Darnold and the offense, isn’t it fair to give Gase that same B+ also?

I think it is,

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7 minutes ago, joewilly12 said:

No worries we all entitled to our opinions. 

A few catches and we right in that game. 

I thought based on the situation we hung with them for the most part. 

We did until just before the half. The int and the fumble were killers though. Darnold was pretty good otherwise.

The team did play as well as could be expected though. The Ravens and Patriots were both in a different class then us this year, those 3 games were above our pay grade.

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