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This is bullsh*t If Douglas doesn’t invest every resource into the OL and receiving corps then he can suck my ass. Edge and CB can wait

That’s was all Sam in that drive Sent from my iPhone using JetNation.com mobile app

I like Darnold but I can see some people feeling he is not the guy. A new Qb will do NOTHING unless you fix large parts of the team. Bring in the QB of your choice and he'll get his ass kick

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Just now, T0mShane said:

Zero other coaches would be better than 5-8 with this roster and these injuries.

I disagree.

The team wasn’t prepared for the season. He’s been objectively bad in nearly every loss and can’t sustain a gameplan beyond a few opening drives, which have suggested there is talent there being wasted.

Most of the big injuries are on defence. Williams’ unit which is playing pretty well. Gase’s unit is a bottom dweller, has looked badly prepared and badly coached in most games. Your fascination with him given the standards you’ve held others to is bizarre. What is it exactly?

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The fat DT whom they drafted third overall to supplement the fat DE they drafted sixth overall to replace the DE they drafted ninth overall is such a non-factor that we didn’t even notice he wasn’t playing tonight. The third round rookie pass rusher is possibly on a practice squad somewhere but nobody knows for sure. The third round right tackle was so awful that he’s made Brandon Shell an indispensable player by comparison. The fourth round TE is an abomination of a player. The fifth round ILB has a million shoulder injuries in college and is out with a shoulder injury. The sixth round CB, however, has shown promise 

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