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Pick the score of the game tonight

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Jets 16 - 7 

Let me start by saying, I hate the Jets.   But you are on some different kind of mental hate plain, like it’s so dark and cold and bitter where you are. The birds have all dropped from the sky,

NY Jets 52  Ravens  51  Sam Darnold 614 yards passing 7 TD. 

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IF Lamar Jackson plays I think this might just be a blowout of colossal proportions. Ravens are a hot team. They will blitz the F out of Darnold. This will be another one of those games where the Jets simply cant do anything on offense b/c the O-line is completely overmatched. Meanwhile, the Ravens will pass on the Jets and run the ball on the Jets if not with Ingram then with Jackson. It will be a bloodbath. Jets will get a meaningless TD late in the game.  

Ravens- 33

Jets- 13

IF Lamar Jackson is out (he wont be) its a completely different game b/c Griffin is not nearly the same passing threat nor running threat and the Jets D has been stout recently. Still, odds are the Ravens defense dominates the line of scrimmage and Jets lose this one. 

Ravens- 23

Jets- 13  

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