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"There are not many plays that you can call on 4th and 1"


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10 hours ago, #90 said:

- Google Eyes Gase

(F-ing moron)

Against a good run defense and not being in possession of a mauling line and strong ball carrier, on 4th and short, I always favor a spread set with as many options built into it for the QB as possible.  Read, snap, quick read, chuck and duck. 

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24 minutes ago, Apache 51 said:

Hell, I would have taken a delay of game penalty and punted instead of going for that field goal miss. Pin em deep make them go the distance rather than give the a short field, unless I had a rock solid FG kicker.

to be fair ficken had a good kick. If it wasn't blocked the kick would have been money. Hell he almost made it even when it was tipped. 

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